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01 февраля 2016, 13:59

TM doubles its upload speed on UniFi Advance


When TM introduced its new UniFi Advance Plan, it offered faster download speeds for less. The plan offered 30Mbps fibre broadband at RM179/month, while a faster 50Mbps connectivity can be yours at RM229/month.

While downloads are faster, many had frown upon its slower upload speeds. As a comparison, its original UniFi VIP plans offered symmetrical speeds (5Mbps download + 5Mbps upload or 10Mbps download + 10Mbps download). Probably after getting a lot of flak, TM has finally doubled its upload speeds on their latest plans.


The base UniFi Advance with 30Mbps download now gets 10Mbps for upload (5Mbps previously), while its higher 50Mbps plan gets 20Mbps upload (10Mbps previously). There’s no change in pricing and those who are already on UniFi Advance including BIZ users can enjoy faster speeds immediately. You can try running a speedtest to find out your current upload speeds.

The promo price of RM179/month and RM229/month for UniFi Advance 30Mbps and 50Mbps respectively are still applicable for new sign ups today. With the latest upload speed revision, it is more enticing for existing UniFi VIP subscribers to upgrade. Note that we used the normal non-promo pricing for comparison table above.

If you’re still on the older Unifi VIP 5/10/20 plans, would you switch?


Source: http://www.soyacincau.com/2016/02/01/tm-doubles-its-upload-speed-on-unifi-advance/